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The Northern RI Food Pantry depends upon the American volunteer spirit to function. Without the time contributed by our generous volunteers it would be impossible to operate the food pantry and to serve those families and individuals who so desperately need our support. If you have time and energy that you could use to help the less fortunate among our neighbors, we would certainly appreciate your assistance.

Volunteer Positions Available
Food deliveries, food bag preparations
Community Outreach/Fund Raising
Food Drive Organizer
Food Drive Donation Sorter
1st and 3rd Saturday Pantry Day help (8:00am-11:00am)
Parking Lot/Traffic Monitor (7:30am)
Crowd Control
Bag Carry-Out Assistance

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?

We are in need of bilingual volunteers - especially Portuguese and Spanish translators Step #1 - Click on the 'Volunteer' link below and download the Volunteer form. Fill the form out and save it. When saving the form please give it a unique name. We suggest using your initials and the date. For example DMA01232021.doc Volunteer

Step #2 - After you complete the form and save it,

Please email completed form to: PCassettaGirard@gmail.com or if you prefer, mail form to:
Northern RI Food Pantry
PO Box 7833
Cumberland, RI 02864