About Us

About Us

                      Mission Statement

The Northern RI Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) Rhode Island nonprofit corporation. We provide high-quality foods and services to individuals and families in the Northern Rhode Island area to sustain and enrich our neighbors in need so they can become as self-sufficient as possible and to improve their quality of life. We are a member agency of the RI Community Food Bank. We are an all-volunteer, community-supported organization which offers a safe, respectful, welcoming, and compassionate environment to those we assist.

Our pantry is considered an Emergency Food Pantry. That means it is not possible for us to provide all the food needed by those we serve, nor is that our intent. The food we provide is to supplement other sources of food, to help with short-term need and help insure an adequate, healthy diet for our visitors.


Diane D'Ambra, Co-Executive Director
Jane Peach, Co-Executive Director
Bob Chaput, Treasurer
Craig Dwyer, Assistant Treasurer
Lisa Lydon, Secretary
Debbie Beanland
Phil Avenia
Denise Belisle
Kim Hawthorne
Bill Wilson
Melissa Masquelette
Jeff Whitfield
Donna Auger
Joseph A. Trudeau